Maybe I shouldn’t have expected so much. But it hurt more than you can imagine when you just decided one day that enough was enough, and left.

I know I’m not perfect, but you’re not either.

So how did you find it so easy to walk into my life and then straight back out again?

How I handle Loneliness?

People see me laughing hard about the things that tickles my sense of humor but that is the opposite thing about me. According to them, people who laugh often are the ones who are really sad. Honestly, it is a fact. Me, having that characteristic is really hard. We are the ones who worries about…

How do you say Good bye to the person you can’t live without?

One day, the miles between us will fall apart but until then, just remember that no matter what you’re doing and no matter where you are, we can always see the same stars in the sky and we will never be apart.


Maybe I am too young for this kind of matter. But I really like long term relationship. The feeling of being secured because you already know how to tickle his wants. The feeling of being loved in the longest time. The feeling of selfishness and unselfishness; selfish in a way that the one I love won’t be surrounded in the arms of other beside his parents, siblings, the best of friends and me. Unselfish in a sense that we will be together not just because we love each other but also we will prove to the people who believe in us and to the world that no matter how hard it gets, if we really do love each other… We won’t let anyone to cut us down. We will fight untill the hindrance get tired fighting over us. Promising to be faithful no matter how far we are even days without him feels like years. Promise me you’ll wait for me. It will only take a year and a couple of
months then I will go with you on a same university. I hope so. We will study hard by making
each other as an inspiration and dream high for our career. I speak like I am so sure of you as my last but As what Ive said, infinity is just a word and were too young to deal with it. So, lets
not find the love. Let love find us and wait for cupid to hit us perfectly attached. We are on the middle of the best possible thing can happen to us. So there is no need to be hurry, we will not stop knowing each other more. I am very faithful one so promise to be one, too. As long as Youre faithful, I can be faithful times two of the time you are honest with me. 

Papayat rin ako, Tiwala lang! :)

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I really like hugging for the reason I don’t know. Maybe It’s just the fact that I feel comfortable and Makes me feel like a sober from the warm I feel while hugging the person I really wanted to. I could hug someone for hours..

"No matter how far".  There are days I feel like giving up. Whenever I feel empty, I wanna cry because I don’t know how to fill them up. I am afraid that Maybe, one day, soon I’ll forget the color of your eyes and you’ll forget mine. I am afraid that you may forget me and find someone better than me without telling to me. Talking to you is not easy. It makes me afraid whenever I try to that may end up ignoring me. Above all fears, my love was so strong so I keep my self strong,too. I keep to my self that Height, weight or distance is just a number and does not necessarily means that I am going to give up

Don’t find love, let love find you. That’s why it’s called falling in love because you don’t force yourself to fall, You just Fall. It’s Proven.
Don’t worry… I will wait until this distance is no longer between us.